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High quality, organic briquettes to the regional markets.

We’re building a better energy future for all.

We established a social enterprise with a factory to mass-produce sugarcane bagasse briquettes (SBB). Unlike most small-scale and appropriate technologies so far, we are taking an industrial approach to deliver greater, measurable, and tangible impact.

Our Briquettes

Introducing our eco-friendly and sustainable Bagasse Sugarcane Briquettes – the perfect fuel source for your home, restaurant, or business

Did you know?

Uganda lost 40% of its forest cover over the last 25 years and at current rates, can lose all of it by 2040.

We’re committed to making the world cleaner and always open to partnerships that will help us succeeded in reforestation by substituting wood fuel with coal briquettes.

Take advantage of our bulk purchasing options for briquettes today and start saving money while also reducing your environmental impact!

Our pilot factory can save 4,200m3 of trees and benefit 530 hhs with $30k disposable income saved yearly.

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